We are so lucky to have such great coaches! Each coach comes from an entirely different background which has helped them develop skills that differ from one another! Take the time and read each of our coaches’ personal bios below to get to know us even more!


Terri Sipes: Owner and Coach

Terri grew up in a large, active, athletically-driven Montana family. She had competed in swimming, golf, and skiing before the age of 8, but then found her true athletic passion in gymnastics. She was a competitive gymnast from the age of 10 until she finished her career as a D1 collegiate gymnast. Terri took time off from competitive sports to raise four children and three step-children, enjoying all Montana had to offer with her family: skiing, hiking, back-packing, camping, rafting, etc. In 2007 Terri joined the volunteer ski patrol at Big Sky, but quickly discovered that she was going to have to up her fitness protocol if she was going to succeed. She tried a globo-gym for a while, but found it to be too boring. In December of 2008 she read an article about CrossFit and was intrigued. In April 2009, she joined CrossFit and was instantly hooked.
Terri has participated in several CrossFit competitions and the CrossFit Open, however, in 2013 she discovered a new athletic passion: weightlifting. Since 2013 Terri has competed in many local, national, and international meets where she has won gold and broken records. Terri believes we are never too old to improve our health and fitness and it truly is all about being better than yesterday.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Certification
Movement Fix Certification
Certified CF Judge
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Weightlifting Accomplishments:
2013 Masters Pan-American Gold Medalist
2013 World Masters Games Gold Medalist
2014 Masters Pan-American Silver Medalist
2014 Masters Nationals Gold Medalist
2014 American Masters Gold Medalist
2015 World Masters Cup Gold Medalist
2017 Masters Pan-American Champion 69kg

Weightlifting Records:
2013 Masters Pan-American Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2013 Masters World Snatch and Total
2014 Masters Pan-American Snatch Clean & Jerk, and Total
2014 American Masters Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2017 Masters World Record Holder in Clean & Jerk
2017 Masters Pan-American Record Holder in Clean & Jerk


Kathleen (KD) Winters: Owner and Head Coach

KD grew up in Bozeman, MT where she spent most of her time as a competitive gymnast at Lone Mountain Gymnastics. In high school she realized gymnastics was no longer for her. At 15, KD decided to give CrossFit a try at a local gym (Bridger CrossFit). She loved it and took to it very easily. By 17, KD passed her CrossFit L-1 coaching certificate and began coaching. In 2012, she grew to love the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and qualified for every national meet in the following year. KD is now one of the nation’s top Weightlifters. Her weightlifting accomplishments are listed below. Even though KD dedicates most of her time and training to Olympic Weightlifting, she still spends several hours a week CrossFitting. She continues to achieve higher education with CrossFit and hopes to eventually make it to Regionals. KD’s passion for coaching is like no one in the valley. She has experience as a gymnastics coach and weightlifting coach. She is as feisty as they come, but there is no doubt with her coaching you will be in the best shape of your life. In her spare time, she enjoys short hikes, camping, boating, hanging out with friends, and of course squatting!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CF Kettlebell Trainer
CF Gymnastics Certification
Certified CF Judge
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Weightlifting Accomplishments:
2012 American Open Bronze Medalist
2013 Jr. Nationals 3x Silver Medalist
2013 Team USA Jr. World Team Member
2013 Team USA Jr. Pan-Am Team Member and Silver Medalist
2014 USAW National Championship Silver Medalist
2015 USAW National Champion Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2015 World Team Member (Team USA)
2016 American Open Champion in 48kg
2016 Senior Pan-American Championships Bronze Medalist 48kg
2016 US Olympic Trials Athlete
2017 Senior National Championships Silver Medalist
2017 Senior Pan-American Championship Bronze Medalist

**KD has also spent a great amount of time at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO where she trained under National Coach Zygmunt Smalcertz.


Kristine L. Shackleford: CrossFit Coach

Kristine is one of the only Bozeman Natives, born and raised right here in Gallatin County. She raised four children and was very active in all the sports and activities that come with three very busy sons and a daughter. She worked hard to become a Gallatin County Deputy in 2001 but going to the gym never really seemed to cover all the different aspects that were needed to fulfill her job requirements but it got her through. Then a good friend invited her to CrossFit, almost 7 years ago, and she was hooked. Kristine fell in love with not only the new family she had become a part of but also the positive effect CrossFit had on her overall health. About a year into the whole experience she was approached and asked to become a coach, a request she was honored to receive. In 2010, Kristine received her Coaching Certificate. Kristine has coached at several different gyms and truly loves the friends she has gained. The joy she has felt watching all the wonderful athletes grow and hit their potentials and personal goals is an awesome feeling. She is even more active now than she ever was raising her children. She has taken up mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing, and loves keeping up with her five grandkids. She took a short break but is excited to get back and not only get herself back into shape but to help others reach their potentials and goals.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Certified CF Judge


Kadeshia Clark: CrossFit Coach

Kadeshia grew up in Deer Lodge, MT. She comes from a competitive and driven family, where sports were introduced at a young age. Running track and playing basketball in high school, she knew she wanted to continue her track career in college. Kadeshia is currently at MSU studying Exercise Science. This is where she continued running track until learning and realizing CrossFit was a better fit. After MSU her goal is to further her education to become a Physical Therapist. Since starting CrossFit back in August of 2014, it has really helped her grow out of her shell and continues to teach her different values in life. Kadeshia loves how CrossFit is a continuously changing/growing sport and that there is always something to learn and work on. When not in the gym, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying what Montana has to offer, watching all of the kid movies, and cooking…well, eating too!!!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CF Endurance Trainer
Certified CF Judge


Max Mullins: CrossFit Coach

Maxwell Mullins is from Rainier Oregon, where he grew up playing any and all sports he could. He was a Varsity athlete as a Freshman and continued his athletics in college where he played Baseball at Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA. Max fell in love with CrossFit and began coaching in 2015. “CrossFit has given me a place to be creative and learn about things I never knew I had such an interest in. For me, changing lives is what fitness is all about. Having a community where knowledge is power and learning, growing, and grinding each day with one another is the key to a better life”. When Max isn’t in the gym he enjoys the outdoors (hunting, hiking, snowboarding) and of course learning and aspiring to be a better person and coach!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach


Brynn Murphy: CrossFit Coach

Brynn has always been active. She learned to walk in a gymnastics center and went on to be a gymnast from the time she was a toddler to the age of 13. After being a competitive gymnast for four years, she decided to pursue other sports in high school, competing in soccer, track, and cross country. To keep in shape in her summer off-seasons, Brynn started doing CrossFit in the summer of 2009. In the fall of 2011, her senior year of high school, Brynn started doing CrossFit consistently at CrossFit 406. After graduating high school, CrossFit became Brynn’s new sport. She competed in local competitions around Montana and spent her summers training full-time. In the fall of 2013, Brynn entered a weightlifting competition hosted by Team Montana, and qualified for the American Open, her first National meet. From that point on, Brynn switched sports and devoted herself full time to Olympic Weightlifting. Throughout her weightlifting career, she has competed at 7 national meets, and was also invited to train at the Olympic Training Center in the spring of 2014. Brynn completed her CrossFit Level 1 in Salt Lake City in the fall of 2017. She has a passion not only for fitness and health, but loves coaching and encouraging others to find that same passion. When she’s not in the gym, she’s either riding her horse Sally, hiking, skiing, boating at the lake, listening to live music, or working on her family’s cattle ranch. She has a love for travel and is always on the hunt for the next big adventure!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Weightlifting Accomplishments:
2014 Junior Nationals 3rd Place
2015 Nationals 4th Place
2017 American Open Series 1 2nd Place
2017 Nationals 4th Place
2017 Nationals Bronze Medalist Clean & Jerk


Eric Milliren: CrossFit Coach

Bio coming soon!