Nutrition is a very important in all aspects of human function. Have you ever heard the saying ” You can’t out train a poor diet?” Well, its not just a saying! Nutrition is often overlooked even though it is indeed, the most important part of fitness and health. Here at CrossFit Belgrade we strive for optimum performance through nutrition. Below is a basic guideline that seems to work for nearly everyone who comes through the door. Keep in mind your personal goals and current eating habits.

The Paleo Diet: “Paleo” is the most basic nutrition program and is utilized by many. This is what we recommend the “average joe” sticks with! Obviously we do not expect perfection and following the paleo diet is not 100% sustainable 100% of the time. We always recommend a 30-45 day challenge of strict paleo (absolutely no cheating). After the initial challenge, we then recommend living by a 80%/20% rule (80% of the time paleo or paleo friendly food and meals. The other 20% of the time eating clean foods but maybe not fully paleo i.e. wholegrain bread, rice, oatmeal. And very occasionally having a cheat day or two!). is a great resource to find out more about the diet and what it entails.

Macronutrients:  Macronutrients or “Macros” are Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Many athletes who have conquered the “Paleo lifestyle” and have a pretty good grasp on clean eating have started counting macros. This is definitely more time consuming and requires more discipline but often times works better than your basic paleo diet. Counting your macros and knowing how much of each to eat depends on many factors, including but not limited to; age, weight, sex, and more importantly, your goals. If you have a nutrition goal outside of just “being healthy” this is for you! Both KD and Terri count macros and are willing to help get you started!

RP Diet (Renaissance Periodization) : The RP Diet is the last or most involved diet that not only includes “Paleo” and “macro counting” but also nutrient timing. KD is sponsored by RP and has had an unbelievable amount of success with this diet. This diet is not just a weight loss diet but a performance based lifestyle diet, meaning it is very sustainable and meant to increase your performance inside and outside the gym. To get $10 off your templates please use code “winters10” when checking out. For more information please feel free to talk with KD.