Schedule: Below are our regular gym hours.

Group Classes are classes lead by a coach. These classes are 1 hour long and they include your warm up, workout, and cool down.  As our gym grows, we are always open to adding more class times. Just let us know what time works best for you!

Open Gym is for anyone who cannot come in during our scheduled class times or for those who need to get in to work on something outside of class. We highly recommend making it to Group Classes. You will benefit much more from training with a coach and surrounding yourself with other athletes!

Yoga (ROMWOD) is a nice relaxing time to come in and be guided through passive stretching. We offer this once a week and highly recommend it for all athletes!

Barbell Classes are one hour and will be barbell/strength focused classes with a short Met-Con at the end. If your goals entail getting stronger and more efficient at the lifts this is the class to come to!

Oly Classes are on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm with Coach Brynn!  In this class you will focus solely on the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). This is a great time to come  and get some coaching through these very technical lifts.