Team Montana Weightlifting Seminars: As you may know, CrossFit Belgrade is home to Team Montana Weightlifting Club. Team Montana was established in 2013 and run by KD and Terri in a former gym. KD or Kathleen Winters is one of the top names in the sport of Weightlifting. KD has been on several USA International Teams and medaled in all but one National meet she has competed in. She trains under the infamous Steve Gough and Mike Karchut. If you want to hear more of KD’s story or would be interested in having KD come coach at your gym for a day, you are in luck! Team Montana and CrossFit Belgrade are taking KD and her crew on the road for Olympic Lifting Seminars! During the Seminar, you will learn how to properly execute the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). The seminar will kick off breaking down the Snatch and all its points of performance. We will have a short lunch break where you are welcome to hang out with KD, followed by an afternoon of the Clean & Jerk’s and PR’s! If you are interested in hosting a Strength Stampede Seminar, please get in touch with us at

Watch footage of KD’s training in the training hall at the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships. Alongside her is Alex Lee and Morghan King, along with a few Team USA’s coaches: